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Meet Carrie,

your new ​best friend...

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What is BFC?

I did the unthinkable, mustered the courage to do what everyone said couldn’t succeed. I signed a lease to a retail storefront during Covid lockdown, yeah, when EVERYTHING was closed and we were wiping down our groceries!  I painted my building yellow to symbolize hope and threw the doors open to my neighborhood to be there for them with positivity, friendship and ANY VINTAGE I COULD FIND during a scary pandemic and uncertain times.  Fast forward almost 2 years, Best Friend Central’s been awarded Best in Burbank 2 years in a row, hosted over 10 community events, donated over 1k to nonprofits, featured in a Happy Honda commercial, NBC news, Everything With Style Podcast, Pre-loved Podcast, Shout Out LA, Voyage LA & made over 1300 friends in person!

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BFC founder, Carrie Diaz, in a nutshell: think Tan France meets JVN but Latina and an Empath with a valley girl twang! She’s a retail disrupter, thought leader in the style & wellness industries, serial Mompreneur across business sectors and a professional Best Friend.  
In her 20’s she consulted for 7 figure brands like Harley Davidson, Homepolish, & Raquel Welch Productions and opened her first of multiple boutiques, then styled for 10 years for A- list celebrities & 5k women in her community.  She’s been featured in print, TV, & podcasts like Huffington Post, LA Magazine, Forbes & the Fx Network.
Carrie volunteers as the style advisor for the Social Impact Center for LGBTQ+IPOC youth in Burbank and holds a BA in Costume Design. 
Her family has lived in Los Angeles for over 100 years via Mexico.  Currently,  she’s looking to host a podcast & Netflix Series about the intersection of style meets well-being!

“You’ve got yourself a really positive happy place here!”

- Melissa McCarthy, actress

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